We will be Walking

Exciting news about our upcoming walk. On September 7th we will kick off the Mental health awareness week with a Facebook live concert put on by Jake Nelson stay tuned for times. On Saturday September 12th we will have our 10th annual out of the darkness walk. This will be held at the Willmar Senior High school parking lot. This will be a unique event with challenges do to the covid. Our program will be broadcasted to your car radios so we can keep social distance, there will be memorials around the parking lot for drive by viewing. Teams that want to walk will sign in and we will announce you when its your time so your team can have a safe walk. Our silent auction will be online ending Friday Night and auction items can be mailed or will be at the walk site on the 12th for pick up. We will have cloth masks at the walk as well as sanitation stations. Don't forget to to register and donate. I look forward to the challenges this years walk will bring, but I know we all have been through worse challenges then this, HOPE is a strong message....feeling.... MY HOPE to all of you is a safe and powerfully hopeful walk experience.

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